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General Wolfe Hotel

Michael Johnson successfully bid on the hotel and ran it from November 1921 until his death in 1952. His daughter Gertrude, operated the hotel until 1955 when it was purchased by Joe, Francis and Reginald Greenwood. The Greenwood brothers renamed the hotel The General Wolfe Hotel". A liquor vote was held in 1957 which resulted in a victory for the "wets". Thus a liquor lounge was opened for the first time in the General Wolfe Hotel in July of 1958.and granted the first liquor license since 1911.

The seating capacity has been increased from 22 in 1955 to approximately 100. The hotel owners purchased waterfront property from the Township of Wolfe Island and adjoining land from George O'Brien and the Everst Whitaker estate in order to develop an excellent marina.

Miroslav Zborovsky and his wife Hana operated the hotel since 1978 and bought the property in 1982. in 1987 they expanded the dining and bar capacity to 330, introduced the nouvelle cuisine and continued to operate the business until Miroslav’s death in 1999. His daughter Eliska Ismail took over in 1997, implemented major hotel and marina renovations and continues to operate the business to this day.

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